Joye Shares About Play and the Human Spirit

Humor and Dementia

In this session Joye will introduce humor strategies for people  living with dementia through playful engagement, stimulating laughter and delight. Joye worked as a volunteer coordinator with hospice for 17 years, she had the opportunity to learn from those she served, both patients and their families.  Learning by creatively assisting them to realize their goals during this part of their journey, Joye developed a unique way of looking at life and the absurdity of it.   She will share some of these powerful stories.


The Three Plagues of the Human Spirit

Joye will describe the three plagues of the human spirit and share tangible ways to overcome them during a clown visit through engagement and play.  The participant will learn ways to approach those who are dealing with possible challenges such as limited sight and/or hearing, dementia, grief, end of life, and behavior outbursts by doing some fun role playing exercises.  As well as examples to enhance quality of life with therapeutic humor interventions.



Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to restructure itself after training or practice.  Joye will show you that clowning is re-wiring your brain.  When we serve others through our playful delight and laughter, we serve ourselves by retaining a youthful spirit of life.